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Grey Eagle Films is an independent film production company exclusively developing the literary properties of iconic American author Warren Adler (The War of the Roses, Random Hearts).

Grey Eagle Films

The Children of the Roses

The Children of the Roses

Produced by Grey Eagle Films

“This much should surely be said about The War of the Roses: it promises to take the gloves off, and it delivers.” –The New York Times Film Review

The War of the Roses becomes a deliriously mean-spirited free-for-all in which nothing – not the pets, not the shoes, not the cars and certainly not the principals themselves – is sacred.” –The New York Times Film Review

The hilarious and disturbing sequel to the original blockbuster hit and iconic tale about the perils of marriage, divorce and the destructive power of materialism, The War of the Roses. The Children of the Roses is a wickedly dark satire targeting a world of entitlement, over-zealous parents, adults clinging to their youth and the continued effect of divorce on children and their children. It asks the question: are the children of the Roses doomed to repeat the chandelier-shattering legacy of their parents?

Writers Attached: Doug Simon & Will Canon; Alex McAulay

Creative Producer-Head of Production Attached: David W. Higgins

Comparatives: The War of the Roses; Young Adult; The Breakup; Fargo

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The War of the Roses: The Children

Další klasika se vrací: V kinech opět propukne válka Roseovýc

Comédia dos anos 1980 A Guerra dos Roses vai ganhar continuação


Mourning Glory

Mourning Glory

Produced by Grey Eagle Films & David W. Higgins

“Warren Adler delivers a dark, delectable look at lust, greed, betrayal and redemption. Never have the seven deadly sins been such fun.” -Author Judith Kelman

The almost-true story of a fierce single mother, artist, and life survivor, whose no-edit-button style of honesty keeps her humble but unfortunately unemployed as she goes down a rabbit hole of wildly flawed decisions until everything falls apart. In her well-intentioned desire to give her daughter a better life, she latches onto a bizarre scheme to snare a rich widower by crashing funerals. But can fulfillment truly be discovered with a little black dress? Can redemption finally be found by looking within?

Writer/Director Attached: Karen Leigh Hopkins

Creative Producer-Head of Production Attached: David W. Higgins

Comparatives: Crazy, Stupid, Love; Trainwreck; In a World…; Enough Said

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Dark Comedy Novel Mourning Glory in the Works as Movie — VARIETY

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Top International Media Pickups:

Το MOURNING GLORY έρχεται στην μεγάλη οθόνη


Torture Man

Torture Man

Produced by Grey Eagle Films

The young daughter of prominent anti-war and anti-torture activist, Sarah Raab, is kidnapped and held for ransom by Jihadi terrorists. Ordered not to contact the police, she enlists the help of a mysterious and seemingly retired CIA operative. A man who stands against everything she deeply believes in. How far will she go against her own convictions when things get personal?

Director Attached: Eran Riklis

Writer/Producer Attached: Hernany Perla

Comparatives: Zero Dark Thirty; Traitor; Rendition; A Mighty Heart 

Top Media Pickups:

Warren Adler’s Thriller Torture Man in the Works as a Movie — VARIETY

Blacklist Screenwriter Hernany Perla to Adapt Warren Adler’s Forthcoming Fall 2015 Novel Torture Man — DIGITAL JOURNAL

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Torture Man: il romanzo di Warren Adler arriva al cinema



Produced by Grey Eagle Films and Jeffrey D. Erb

When a young lawyer, Ben Silverberg, takes on the case of a firebombing at a black church in Brooklyn, the church pastor reveals to Ben an inexplicable discovery. In a walled-off area below the basement and exposed by the fire sit three massive trunks filled with gold and precious jewels. Where did they come from and why have they been buried all these years? The bizarre journey of this treasure unearths long hidden dangerous secrets, international intrigue and shocking violence that ignite a hornet’s nest of racial and ethnic conflict.

Writer/Director Attached: Vondie Curtis-Hall

Comparatives: Woman in Gold; Marathon Man; The Debt; Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead

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Vondie Curtis-Hall Directing Thriller Residue — VARIETY

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The Serpent’s Bite

The Serpent’s Bite

Produced by Grey Eagle Films & Anna Camp

In an attempt to reconnect with his two alienated adult children, George Temple replicates the memorable horse trek through the forbidding Yellowstone wilderness they had enjoyed twenty years earlier. As they are led by a drunken guide and a venal horse wrangler over potentially lethal terrain, their bonding experience quickly disintegrates. Nostalgia is corrupted into a nightmare of lust, betrayal, and entrapment as the children’s disturbing motives are revealed and dark family secrets are exposed.

Director Attached: Scott Winant

Co-Producer and Star Attached: Anna Camp

Comparatives: The Edge; Deliverance; The River Wild

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Pitch Perfect Star Anna Camp Boards Drama The Serpent’s Bite — VARIETY

Anna Camp Thriller The Serpent’s Bite to be Written by Alex Alemanni — VARIETY

Pitch Perfect 2 Star Anna Camp to Co-Produce and Star in Film Adaption of The Serpent’s Bite Based on the Novel by Bestselling The War of the Roses Author Warren Adler — MARKET WATCH

Fiona Fitzgerald’s Capitol Crimes

Fiona Fitzgerald’s Capitol Crimes

Produced by Grey Eagle Films 

(based on Warren Adler’s Fiona Fitzgerald Mystery Series)

Detective Fiona Fitzgerald is an unlikely force for justice in Washington, D.C.’s predominantly male police force. As a Senator’s daughter and top investigator in the homicide division of the Metropolitan Police Department, Fiona maneuvers between two vastly different worlds, moving quickly from opulent State galas to gritty crime scenes. Born into the elite social circles of the nation’s capital, and armed with intimate knowledge of the true face of the political establishment, Fiona is determined to expose the chicanery concealed within the highest echelons of the American political aristocracy.

The Sunset Gang

The Sunset Gang

The Beloved Television Series 

Produced by Grey Eagle Films

 “…dramatically daring,” —Los Angeles Times 

 “Those… stories (based on the work by Warren Adler) are in fact, pure drama – moving, comical, and most of all, sharply observed.” —Wall Street Journal

The short story series about aging in America that inspired the PBS American Playhouse TV trilogy produced by Linda Lavin and starring Uta Hagen, Harold Gould, Dori Brenner and Jerry Stiller, garnering Doris Roberts an Emmy nomination for ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in a mini-series.

The musical version of The Sunset Gang received an Off-Broadway production with music scored by noted composer L. Russell Brown.

Comparatives: The Golden Girls; Getting On; Seinfeld; Everybody Loves Raymond

Top Media Pickup:

TV Review: Sunset Gang Ripens with Age — LA TIMES

Trans Siberian Express

Trans Siberian Express

The Epic International Multi-Year Television Series 

Produced by Grey Eagle Films

A Cold War tale of love, loss, and nuclear intrigue
as we take an epic journey on the legendary Trans Siberian Railway from Moscow to Vladivostok. When American cancer specialist, Alex Cousins, learns the diabolical plans of his patient, Soviet Politburo Chief Viktor Dimitrov, he is dispatched on a six-thousand-mile journey aboard the Trans Siberian Express where KGB men watch his every move. The authorities insert Anna Petrovna, a beautiful female KGB agent, into the doctor’s open gender cabin to monitor him during the seven-day journey. Sparks y as both become entangled in a hopeless and doomed intense but bittersweet affair. She ensnares Alex in secrets that could bring their voyage to a devastating end. Melded throughout, we meet a kaleidoscope of people beaten and broken by life, each drawn to this emperor of trains in search of a brighter future. Among them: a train attendant yearning for love, a deformed man seeking revenge on an old enemy, and a persecuted Jewish couple escaping to a new home in Siberia.

Comparatives: The Crown; The Americans; Dr. Zhivago; Genius; War & Peace

Top Media Pickups:

‘Trans-Siberian Express’ Movie in the Works Based on Warren Adler Novel — VARIETY

Target Churchill

Target Churchill

The Epic International Multi-Year Television Series

Produced by Grey Eagle Films

Based on the book written in collaboration with Pulitzer Prize Nominee James C. Humes, the world’s foremost living biographer of Winston Churchill.

“A fast moving cloak and dagger story that will reward Churchill fans and fans of fiction like Frederick Forsythe’s seminal novel of intrigue ‘Day of the Jackal.’” – NYT

Inspired by true events. World War II has ended. Stalin is bent on gobbling up Eastern Europe. Churchill is defeated as Prime Minister. The KGB has trained an American born SS man as a mole to assassinate Churchill during his speech at Westminster College in Missouri where he will announce to the world Stalin’s plans for communist domination. His sole loyal bodyguard Walter Thompson becomes aware of the plot and acts to abort it. Spine tingling and heart stopping, Target Churchill offers a believable scenario of what might have occurred during a quintessential moment in world history.

Comparatives: The Crown; The Game; Foyle’s War; The State Within

Top Media Pickups: 

Soviet Spy Thriller “Target Churchill” Movie in the Works – VARIETY

International Media Pickups:

LENTA.RU: В Голливуде придумали покушение советского разведчика на Черчилля

FILMWEB (Poland); Autor powieściowej “Wojny państwa Rose” szykuje zamach sowietów na Churchilla



Produced by Grey Eagle Films

Cult will evoke in you a fear, a dread that reiterates itself every moment…it is a wake up call for all of us.” -Nikesh Murali, Ebook Reviews Weekly

In the dead of night, Naomi Forman receives a phone call. Barney Harrigan, the man she once loved—now happily married with children—utters, “My wife Charlotte has been captured by the Glories.” Drawn into the Glory Church doomsday cult by her estranged sister, and brainwashed beyond comprehension, Charlotte Harrigan has succumbed to the will of the enigmatic Father Glory. What began as a rude interruption of her night becomes a horrifying interruption of her life as Naomi is unable to ignore Barney’s cry for help. Against her better judgment, she agrees to help Barney save his wife. But naïve optimism quickly plummets to misery as their plans are systematically taken apart by members of the cult, past and present. Naomi’s will is tested and Barney becomes more and more desperate. The lengths he is willing to go to save his wife are as sinister as the Glories themselves.

Screenplay by Alex McAulay

Comparatives: Martha Marcy May Marlene; Sound of My Voice; The Master

Top Media Pickups: 

Warren Adler’s ‘Cult’ in the Works as Movie Adaptation — VARIETY
Warren Adler’s ‘Cult’ in the works as movie adaptation — BOSTON HERALD

Top International Media Pickup:

Alex McAulay (“Eastbound and Down”) adaptiert den Roman “Cult” von Warren Adler

Funny Boys

Funny Boys

Produced by Grey Eagle Films in partnership with Julian McMahon & Charlie Loventhal

A dark romantic dramedy set amidst the background of the all-you-can-eat and play resort life of the glamorous Catskills in 1937. A step back in time where a young comedian makes the questionable choice of falling hard for an infamous mobster’s “number one” gal. A decision that may doom these young innocent lovers well before their time.

Co-Producers AttachedJulian McMahon & Charlie Loventhal

Writer AttachedGreg Pritikin

ComparativesDirty Dancing; Get Shorty; Analyze This; The Notebook; Brooklyn

Top Media Pickups: 

“Funny Boys” Movie in the Work with Julian McMahon — VARIETY 

Top International Media Pickups:

“Funny Boys”-Verfilmung mit Julian McMahon

Movie Adaptation “Funny Boys” in the Works with Julian McMahon



Jonathan R. Adler has been an entrepreneurial force in media, management and M&A for the past 35+ years. Since age 19, when he helped found and manage Washington Dossier magazine, Adler has been building, buying and selling businesses ranging in revenue from $5M to $100M and managing teams from start-ups to over 2,500 employees. He has also been a successful investor in more than 20 other companies and projects. As a disruptor he has transformed industries and adjusted to change by bucking the status quo and re-imagining businesses.

Adler is currently the chairman of BizBash Media, another first of its kind disruptive media & marketplace for the corporate event industry with $8M in revenue, 50 employees with a North American footprint. As the COO and board member of Sport and Health, a fitness company with 2,500 employees, Adler managed and navigated the complex and evolving fitness industry, resulting in the successful sale of the company. He has been involved in various M&A activities in these companies as well as several other companies in and out of his portfolio. Currently Adler’s primary focus is the success of Grey Eagle Films, Grey Eagle Film Development, Stonehouse Productions and getting film, lives plays and television projects into production. Adler will begin fundraising for Grey Eagle Films Production Fund in the fall for 2017. The fund will co-finance production of its first 5 films.

He is leveraging his prior experience, financial discipline and hard-charging entrepreneurial spirit to help develop and produce Warren Adler’s works into feature films, plays, and television productions. A native Washingtonian, Adler is a graduate of the University of Maryland, an active member of YPO/WPO as well as other civic and cultural endeavors.



Stephen R. Greenwald has been professionally involved in the motion picture and related media industries for over 25 years as an attorney, financier, corporate executive, producer and valuation consultant. His experience has encompassed all aspects of the entertainment business, including development, production, international distribution, film financing, film and film library and literary work valuations, media company reorganizations and film studio construction and operation. He has arranged financing for film production and distribution in the United States, Europe and Australia. He has also acted as a consultant and expert witness in litigation involving film and television and other intellectual property matters, including valuations of intellectual property.

From 1980 to 1985 Stephen, along with a partner, acted as a principal and general partner in approximately 20 partnerships formed to invest in motion pictures and real estate.

In 1985, Stephen joined the producer Dino De Laurentiis to acquire the assets of Embassy Pictures Corp. from its then owner, Coca-Cola Inc. (through its subsidiary Columbia Pictures). Stephen then became President of the corporate division of De Laurentiis Entertainment Group, the company formed to acquire the Embassy assets.

In February 1988, Stephen became Chairman, President and CEO of DEG. In that capacity he managed and oversaw the restructuring and reorganization of the company. He also served as CEO of the film distribution companies, Odyssey Pictures and Vision International Since 1990, Stephen acted as consultant to major US and European banks and to US media companies in connection with film industry matters. His clients have included Bank of America, Credit Lyonnais Bank, Sony Pictures, Imperial Kapital GMBH and MGM/UA. Stephen has also been retained to value intellectual property including literary works and films by the owners of such works and/or potential acquirers, including the valuation of the Thorn-EMI library of 1600 films, the Filmation animated film library, the Elia Kazan film library. He has also performed a valuation of television program rights for the Australian Revenue Department.

In addition to his professional activities Stephen has lectured and spoken on film financing and distribution and the media and entertainment industry before various groups, and has taught courses on entertainment financing, entertainment law, and the film industry, at the Cardozo School of Law and Metropolitan College of New York, where he served as President from 1999 to 2007 and The College of Management Law School in Israel Stephen is the co-author with Paula Landry of “This Business of Film” published by Random House in February, 2009.



Mr. Adler is responsible for all the creative elements at Grey Eagle Films including working with the writers and assisting in all aspects of production. He has written screenplays, trained as a film director at USC (where he directed the award-winning short ,”The Proposal”) and has an intimate knowledge of how screenplays are structured and told. He was the publisher of Video Forecaster, a magazine that was dedicated to assessing the amount and choice of DVD’s to stock during the heyday of video stores He has also been a busy character actor for decades. He trained at The Bristol Old Vic with Daniel Day-Lewis, Greta Scacchi and Miranda Richardson and spent a number of years doing regional theater before moving to L.A. to pursue TV and film. He has guest-starred on such shows as Shark, House M.D., “The O.C.” (2003), NYPD Blue, Crossing Jordan, Las VegasNCIS and ER. His most memorable film roles include Edward Olmos’ substitute teacher in Stand and Deliver and his silly cameo in Liar Liar where Jim Carrey violently pulled off his toupee and stuck it to the wall.



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